The peculiarity of CNTechnology lies in the ability to adapt to customer needs, not only regarding the type of packaging we can produce, but also in the way in which we deal with requests. Our special machines are the result of specific needs that go beyond the standards of our catalogue, demonstrating our flexibility in satisfying customers' unique needs.

Discover out machines

Our machines have been specifically designed for winding and unwinding flexible tubing, offering several advanced features and functions:

      Double station with automatic unloading onto pallets: The machines are equipped with two independent stations which allow an efficient winding and unwinding process. The automatic pallet unloading system facilitates the management of the finished product

      Possibility of weight control. CNTechnology machines offer the possibility to monitor and control the weight of the flexible tubing during the process, guaranteeing precision and compliance with the required standards

      Completely independent stations: each winding and unwinding station is completely independent, allowing you to work on different sizes or types of flexible tubing simultaneously.

      Stato dell’aria d’estrusione per un corretto avvolgimento del prodotto: macchine di CNT sono dotate di un sistema di sfiato dell’aria d’estrusione, che assicura un avvolgimento corretto e stabile dei tubi flessibili, evitando deformazioni o danni al prodotto;

      Comandi touch screen: utilizziamo comandi intuitivi con schermi touch screen per un’interazione semplice e rapida con le macchine, facilitando la gestione e li controllo del processo;

      Customized production lines/customized converting lines: we are able to provide customized solutions for the specific needs of our customers. Our special machines are designed to deal with requests that fall outside of our catalog standards, allowing for greater flexibility in the production of custom packaging.